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Did You Receive an
IRMAA LETTER from Medicare
and Social Security?

In Some Cases Your IRMAA Surcharges can be lowered or Completely Eliminated.

Our IRMAA Certified Planners are the ONLY financial planners in the industry certified with the knowledge to help with this planning.

Talking to one of our IRMAA Certified Planners can help if:

  1. You have received a letter from Medicare/Social Security stating you will be incurring an IRMAA surcharge on top of your Medicare premium,
  2. You are making over $103,000 as an individual or $206,000 as a couple in retirement

NOTE: This is not for Medicare Advantage plans or Medicaid, only for Original Medicare.

Sample IRMAA Letter

Schedule Your
IRMAA Consultation From an IRMAA Certified Planner.

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