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What is IRMAA

What is IRMAA:

IRMAA stands for the Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount. IRMAA is a surcharge that is added to your monthly Medicare costs based on the amount of income you are receiving in retirement from various sources such as: pension, Social Security, W2 wages, investments or a combination of these different types.

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How Medicare Defines Income for IRMAA:

Social Security Benefits Distributions From:
Wages Traditional 401(k)
Pension and Rental income Traditional IRA
Interest Traditional 403(b)
Capital Gains Traditional Sep-IRA
Dividends Qualified Investments and Annuities

Medicare IRMAA brackets for 2024:

Annually Medicare IRMAA brackets are reviewed and adjusted for both income levels and surcharge amounts for both Medicare Part B and Part D. Below you will find the current brackets and surcharges for both Medicare Parts B and D.

SingleCouple MAGIPart BPart D
< $103,000< $206,000$174.70Premium (varies)
$103,000 to $129,000$206,000 to $258,000$244.60$12.90
$129,000 to $161,000$258,000 to $322,000$349.40$33.30
$161,000 to $193,000$322,000 to $386,000$454.20$53.80
$193,000 to $500,000$386,000 to $750,000$559.00$74.20
> $500,000> $750,000$594.00$81.00

How is IRMAA Determined:

Please note: Medicare can only charge you on income that you earn while you are enrolled in Medicare.

If you feel as though as you should not be in an IRMAA bracket, there is always the option to appeal. In retirement income is a must, but it must be the right kind of income.

IRMAA’s Impact on Financial Professionals:

If you are a financial professional and would like to further your knowledge of this and become a leader in the industry, there is more information below in becoming certified.

Am I Able to Appeal an IRMAA Decision?

If you think that you have been placed into an IRMAA bracket unfairly and want to appeal this decision, Medicare and Social Security have created an appeal process to assist you in taking action to correct this.

We recommended contacting a financial professional to assist you in this appeals process to ensure that you have the correct information submitted to the federal government to ensure a positive outcome.

How can I calculate my Medicare Costs and IRMAA Brackets?

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Who is IRMAA Certified Planner?

IRMAA Certified Planner was created to help educate financial professionals about the concepts, rules and regulations surrounding Medicare’s IRMAA. With industry leading research and tools, we are committed to educating and certifying each individual that works through us, has the most up to date information to help their clients plan and prosper.