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IRMAA Directly Impacts Your Business Model

IRMAA and its affects have a direct impact on your business, bringing knowledge of a new way to generate production. How is this achieved? Leveraging knowledge of asset planning and its impact on Medicare premiums, you can not only rearchitect asset allocations in current retirement plans, but you will also attract new clients that need an expert in the subject matter to help them define and build complaint plans that mitigate Medicare costs.

What is Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA)

IRMAA is a surcharge that is added to your monthly Medicare costs,  based on the amount of income you are receiving in retirement from various sources such as: pension, Social Security, W2 wages, investments or a combination of these different types.

This information and designation puts you at the forefront of this knowledge, allowing you to help your current clients but also acquire new ones based on having important knowledge others do not have.

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The Impact Of IRMAA


Million people that are on Medicare


Million people getting surcharged


Billion extra being paid to Medicare

What is The IRMAACP Designation?

An IRMAA Certified Planner (IRMAACP) is a financial professional with extensive knowledge of Social Security and Medicare planning and how it impacts retirement planning.

An IRMAACP certification gives advisors:

  • In-depth knowledge of Medicare Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts and how they impact retirement income
  • The necessary knowledge to help clients and investors address  and calculate retirement planning needs to help mitigate IRMAA/Medicare costs.
  • An understanding of financial solutions that address IRMAA
Why You Should Consider the IRMAACP?

The IRMAACP designation has been the top choice for financial professionals seeking knowledge on IRMAA its impact on retirement income, along with helping professionals craft the best retirement solutions to mitigate issues.

Through this program, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of how to provide the best solutions to your clientele to ensure that they get the most informed plan from an advisor that is well versed in the holistic planning process. The IRMAACP designation will not only expand the quality and breadth of the advice you’re able to give but will elevate your professional credentials as a certified professional and help advance your career in the financial planning industry.

Healthcare planning in retirement, is a vital part of holistic financial planning for both individuals and small businesses and can’t easily be automated. It’s also a lucrative field, where just one sale can pay for the entire IRMAACP designation many times over. Whether you’re just launching your career or an established professional trying to offer more to your clients, earning the IRMAACP certification is an excellent choice.

What You’ll Learn

Centered on the complexities of retirement planning and its affect on IRMAA, the IRMAACP certification provides expert-level education you can immediately apply.

Courses cover everything from the fundamentals of Medicare, Social Security, IRMAA and retirement vehicles, preparing you to offer the advice today’s clients need.

When you earn the IRMAACP designation, you’ll gain expertise in:

  • Providing guidance on types and amounts of life insurance
  • Helping clients handle issues of risk, including risks associated with different types of retirement plans and impact of different types of income
  • Accounting for the legal aspects of life insurance underwriting, including issues pertaining to the basic principles of contract law, ownership rights, creditor rights, beneficiary designations, disposition of proceeds, casualty insurance, and more
  • Guiding clients through decisions on retirement planning, estate planning, including surcharge mitigation techniques
  • Providing guidance in specialized areas of your choice in life insurance, annuities, with options including financial planning, income taxation, planning for retirement needs and investments
Program Delivery

Designed for the Working Professional

The IRMAACP certification program gives you the power to study at your own pace and tailor your education to your professional and lifestyle needs.
Depending on where you are in the program, you’ll have access to a unique experience. Course includes:

  • Online visual and audio lesson
  • Downloadable self paced learning
  • Online proctored testing