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Medicare's IRMAA impacts every retirement plan, take a look at the IRMAA Software that helps you illustrate the impact on retirement plans.

The Industries only Medicare IRMAA Software sets you apart with retirement planning.

While other software drops the ball on true planning for Medicare's IRMAA and the impact on Social Security Benefits, you can now offer solutions to more people and solve real problems.

Our IRMAA Software supports your planning in the most overlooked piece of financial planning:


  • See the impact of income on IRMAA surcharges
  • Forecast the impact on Social Security net benefit and over all retirement income
  • Have better informed conversations with clients and prospective clients about retirement planning
  • See which income increases or reduces IRMAA exposure

...join thousands of professionals that are leaving the rest behind.

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

IRMAA Calculation Software

Use our tool to create multiple “what-if” scenarios to see the best possible retirement solutions. Get a quick overview of the impact on taxes and

IRMAA Software

Quick and easy dashboard of the results of the impact of taxes and premiums based on your current scenario

Detailed year by year income and costs that allow you to optimize a retirement plan and mitigate surcharges

How it works

IRMAA Education

Internet accessible,  self paced study that covers all the parts and pieces of Medicare, Social Security and IRMAA


Once self study has been completed, accessing the online final exam.

On Going support and learning

Access to Advanced learning webinars with other industry professionals

If You Need More Reassurance...

“Having taken Certification courses and Designations through the College for Financial Planning, The American College, LOMA and a handful of others, I have yet to have found a curriculum with more practically useful information than the IRMAA Certified Planner course has offered me.”

Edward PetersmarckM & O Marketing - Vice President of Practice Development WMS, NSSA, ALMI

“The IRMAA Course was an eye opener for my practice. This is not your typical certification for the record. By learning about IRMAA, I've been able to share the risk of IRMAA with several Estate Planning Attorney partners of mine. IRMAA is a serious topic that is not being discussed in America.”

Michael FoxLifemark Securitites - Registered Representative

The Software is Probably Not for You If...

  • You are ok with talking to your clients about the same old information
  • You know exactly how Medicares IRMAA will impact each and every client you have
  • You know how to calculate IRMAA surcharges.
  • You already know which assets are harmful and increase Medicare IRMAA charges and which ones do not